Features of the environmentally-friendly renovation.

Located within twelve acres of Kiwanis Park, our school is structured to encourage curiosity, inspire creativity and build a strong sense of community. Our classrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the beauty of our two playgrounds, nature path and organic garden.

In the summer of 2010, we expanded and renovated our original building with Maryann Thompson Architects, an award-winning firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The new layout strengthens the connection to the surrounding landscape while enhancing the flow between the classrooms, administrative offices and staff workroom. While furniture and fixtures were reused whenever possible, new doors, skylights and larger windows were added to make the most of natural light. A main entrance was created under a new covered play area, which features a rain barrel for collecting water. A new HVAC system, water conserving bathroom faucets and insulation made from recycled newspapers have all greatly improved the building’s energy efficiency. In keeping with the eco-friendly mindset, low-VOC paints, low-VOC carpet and marmoleum floors were used to complete the renovation.

The green renovation has helped New Canaan Community Preschool’s teachers start conversations with students about conservation, recycling and healthy eating habits. From harvesting rainwater to building with recyclable materials and enjoying organic snacks, the school’s environmentally friendly choices continue to make an impact.

In the summer of 2013, our main playground was renovated by Fred Martin of Environment Design, LLC, who designed the school’s original playground. Using natural and recycled materials where possible, Fred updated the children’s favorite equipment from our old playground and added new elements carefully selected to enhance unity, imagination and creativity.

new canaan green preschool new canaan green preschool new canaan green preschool


“You drop your children off at this school and know that they are safe, having fun and learning. You know this from the feeling you get at the end of each day when you pick them up. This school is something very special.” NCCP Parent