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New Canaan Community Preschoolers donate art supplies, make pen pals

In an effort that involves “our littlest community members giving back and engaging in projects beyond on our town,” New Canaan Community Preschool says it has partnered with Our Lady of the Wayside in Cleveland to bring a unique learning experience to both communities — and do some good besides.

Our Lady of the Wayside, a nonprofit, runs a program called Wayside Studios that engages adults with developmental disabilities in art and community integration. The program allows individuals to demonstrate their talents, gifts and ability to contribute to their communities and society at large, according to the nonprofit.

“Starting a new art program with an extremely small budget has been challenging,” Our Lady of the Wayside says, and so the preschool decided to help. The preschoolers proudly helped collect art materials, supplies and tools casino online for Wayside Studios.

Among the items they sent Wayside were a range of art books, markers, crayons and construction paper, according to the preschool.

There’s also a pen pal portion of the partnership with Our Lady of the Wayside. “It is our hope to exchange letters and artwork with each other throughout the year,” the preschool announced. The pen pal project aims to foster creative, social and emotional growth while helping kids learn “about community, compassion and the beauty of helping others.”

By Aaron Marsh on November 26, 2014 in Community News, New Canaan Advertiser



New Canaan Community Preschool Fall Community Service Project: Wayside Studios

New Canaan Community Preschool’s First Community Service Project of the Year!

We will be partnering with Our Lady of the Wayside in Cleveland, Ohio to bring a unique and valuable learning experience to both our communities.

Our Lady of the Wayside started an art program back in December 2013 called Wayside Studios. Wayside Studios fosters self-expression for adults with developmental disabilities through art and community integration. The program creates a vehicle for individuals to demonstrate and be recognized for their talents, gifts and ability to contribute to their community and society at large by presenting participants with a variety of art practices.

Wayside Studios offers:
 Group lessons
 Individualized long term projects that are formed around each participant’s unique
 Art history and art appreciation
 Field trips to Cleveland’s cultural institutions and art studios
 Hosting visiting artists

Wayside Studios’ goal is to expose, explore, discover and encourage creativity while recognizing individual success.

NCCP and Wayside Studios are going to become pen pals! It is our hope to exchange letters and artwork with each other through out the year. This is a great opportunity for both communities to share their love of art and self expression. In addition our pen pal project is going to help foster everyone’s social/emotional, creative and language development while providing our children the opportunity to learn about community, compassion and the beauty of helping others.

Since 2013, Wayside Studios has slowly been building the program from the ground up, starting with absolute zero. Our Lady of the Wayside is a non-profit organization and starting a new art program with an extremely small budget has been challenging. NCCP would like to help Wayside Studios by collecting art materials, supplies and tools. By doing this we will be helping to improve the involvement of the projects and the engagement of the artists.

The Great Strides Walk 2014

NCCP joined Team Sunshine for Scarlett in the Great Strides Walk on Sunday, May 18th in New Canaan to help find a cure for cystic fibrosis!

At this year”s Great Strides Walk, taking place for the first time in New Canaan, Team Sunshine for Scarlett had a record turnout! So many families and teachers from New Canaan Community Preschool walked in support online casino of a very special girl and member of our school community. Our preschoolers were thrilled to take part in the family-oriented 2.8 mile walk down South Avenue to raise funds for cystic fibrosis research and drug development. Cystic fibrosis affects over 30,000 Americans and is a cause dear to our community.

Person to Person Drive

Thank you so much for all the donations we have already received for our Person to Person Drive!

A reminder to drop off items, such as linens and small kitchen appliances, in the boxes located next to the New Canaan Community Preschool office by tomorrow, 3/21. Thanks again for your support with this community service project! Person to Person, located in Norwalk and Darien, provides basic necessities to individuals and families in need.

Food drive to benefit Food Pantry

New Community Service Project! Starting today and running until February 7th, New Canaan Community Preschool will be holding a food drive to benefit the New Canaan Food Pantry located in St. Mark’s Church.

Now that the holidays are over, we want to make sure that our neighbors are able to access a well-stocked food pantry.

The New Canaan Food Pantry is in need of the following items:

Crackers Pasta Sauce
Canned Tomatoes Hamburger Helper (Tuna or Chicken)
Canned Vegetables Dried Fruit
Laundry Detergent Vinegar
Broth (Chicken or Beef)

Please refrain from buying pasta, beans, and soup as there is already an abundance of these items.

There will be boxes located by the front entrance of the school to collect the food.

Any donations to the food drive will be appreciated.