NCCP offers several enrichment programs that are incorporated into the school day for all our preschoolers.


Preschool Yoga:

NCCP has created a wonderful preschool yoga program for our students! 
Yoga has many benefits for young children! When adapted and modified 
for their particular gross motor capabilities, yoga develops body awareness, balance, listening skills, cooperation and powers of observation.

Yoga can also help children control and regulate their body as well as become aware of their breathing. Additionally, yoga is good exercise for the body! It works the muscles and stretches your limbs and unlike other physical activities that require rough and tumble interaction, yoga is relatively safe. In our fast paced world, it’s nice to take the time to quiet the mind!


Music with Kwame and Infinite Roots: Infinite Roots is a program for both children and adults. The program is geared toward introducing audiences to the wonderful world of West African Drumming and Dance. Infinite Roots has been in existence for over six years throughout Fairfield County, with performances throughout the tri-state area. Henry Jones “Kwame”, the founder and Master Drummer of Infinite Roots, created this unique program. Mr. Jones is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, proficient in over thirteen instruments. Mr. Jones has been drumming and performing professionally for over twenty-five years. Mr. Jones has also produced CD recorded projects for a number of area poets and has recently completed his first solo CD project entitled: “Heartland”. http://www.infiniteroots.com/if_lessons.htm



Spanish with Miss Kiki:

NCCP is thrilled to offer Spanish to our preschoolers. Our Spanish teacher, KiKi Bellos introduces and teaches Spanish through engaging games, books, and songs. She combines literacy, math, and movement activities with each of her Spanish lessons to create a comprehensive learning experience.


“NCCP is like a warm cozy home, filled with love, happiness, excitement, laughter….. magic!” NCCP Teacher