The NCCP Community.

Family involvement is key to the success of New Canaan Community Preschool and helps promote our strong community spirit. Each family is asked to participate in one of the following ways: serving on the Board, chairing a committee, serving on two committees or being a Room Parent. If a family is unable to participate, there is an option to pay an opt-out fee.

Special Events:

  • Fall Festival
  • Parent Socials
  • Pumpkin Picking and Hayrides
  • Winter Celebration
  • Daddy/Special Friends’ Day
  • Mommy/Special Friends’ Day
  • Spring Benefit
  • Fun Fair

The Greater Community

The families of NCCP are excited to participate in multiple community service projects such as collecting toys for Toys for Tots, canned goods for the New Canaan Food Pantry, pet supplies for PAWS and the new baby/mother supplies for Malta House.

“This school promotes community in a loving, encouraging way, allowing teachers, students and families to be themselves and give of themselves.” NCCP Teacher

“When I first moved to town, it was through Community that I made the friendships that are most important to me still. Everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming. Between participating on committees, going to events throughout the year, and meeting other mothers on the playground, I felt instantly at home and involved.” NCCP Parent