Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to develop socially, creatively, emotionally, physically and cognitively through the various programs we offer. We operate on the premise that children’s natural curiosity enables them to take ownership of their daily activities and subsequently become increasingly vested in their learning. Our program develops a child’s ability to problem-solve, negotiate, predict and think independently. Children are supported to make choices, learn to socialize and become independent and confident individuals. We welcome families of all races, religious backgrounds and cultures; and we work to build reciprocal relationships with each family that encourage a strong connection between home and school.




  • Family involvement is key to the success of NCCP, and helps further our strong spirit of community and the connection between home and school
  • We welcome participation from families to be a part of the Board, serve on a committee or be a Room Parent
  • Family members are also invited and encouraged to share traditions, skills, cultures and talents in the classroom


  • We believe the Project Approach fosters a deeper sense of interest and learning, as the children are directly involved in the setting of their curriculum
  • The Project Approach is supported by the concepts of Intentional Teaching, where intentional teachers assess educational needs by setting individual and group goals based on the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards
  • NCCP’s classroom community is additionally enhanced by the tenure of our highly-educated staff.  Our children benefit from a cohesive and consistent team that has been together for over 16 years.


  • The children and families of NCCP are excited to participate in multiple community service projects, which connect classroom learning to experiences in the world outside of the school.  Past projects have included partnering with organizations such as Community Costumes (founded by two former NCCP students), New Canaan Food Pantry, The Center for Hope, All Our Kin, Person to Person, Malta House and Filling in the Blanks
  • NCCP also works with community organizations and resources to enhance classroom Projects and marry real-world experience with the topic at hand.  Past visitors have included the New Canaan Fire Department, one of our local dentists, New Canaan Public School’s bus company, Goldfish Swim School and others