Located on over one acre of the 12-acre Kiwanis Park, New Canaan Community Preschool is structured to encourage curiosity, inspire creativity and build a strong sense of community.  Our classrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the beauty of two playgrounds, nature path and garden. The building was expanded and renovated in 2010 by Maryann Thompson Architects, an award-winning firm based in Cambridge, MA.  The new layout strengthened the connection to the surrounding natural landscape and enhanced the flow of the building. The scope of the project also included many energy-efficient and green renovations, which have also allowed NCCP’s teachers to start conversations with young people about conservation, recycling, and health.


New Canaan Community Preschool, formerly known as New Canaan Community Nursery School, was formed in 1947 by its first president, Talbot Rantoul, her husband and a group of parents and citizens who donated their time, money and equipment to make the dream of a high-quality early education program a reality. In 1955, parents built the current facility on Old Norwalk Road, and during the next three decades, the school experienced tremendous growth with the development of six new programs.  In the beginning, the school ran as a co-op; today the school is a non-profit organization overseen by a Board of Directors.   During the 2017-2018 school year, NCCP celebrated its 70th anniversary, making it the oldest preschool in New Canaan.